Developing Ministry Leaders

Developing ministry leadersWhile seminaries and Bible schools provide excellent foundations in theological education, we believe that the local church and its context are best able to help developing leaders experience the realities of church ministry and to prepare them through intentional and immersive training.

Much like a healthcare worker learns in a teaching hospital, Five Stones provides opportunities through Field Study opportunities, Internships and a full-time Pastoral Residency Program where leaders can explore their vocational potential and experience real-time, practical training within the context of a body of believers.

Pastoral Residency

Thanks to the vision, training and financial support of Made to Flourish, we have been able to establish a Pastoral Residency Program that offers both mentoring and ministry training.

The Five Stones Pastoral Residency is a two-year mentoring and equipping program designed to train ministry leaders coming out of seminary. We consider both the gifts and passions of the individual resident as well as the needs and structures of the church and customize the program to each resident.

This is a full-time paid position with the last segment of the residency including assistance in discerning God’s calling and placement assistance for their next season of ministry. Five Stones is now searching for our next Pastoral Resident. 

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Some seminary degree tracks require contextual ministry experiences for completion. Five Stones offers multiple positions every year for seminary students to fulfill such requirements in a warm church community supportive of their development. Your objectives will be based on your degree requirements. Our objective is to welcome you into a safe context for you to learn and grow. These typically two-semester positions are unpaid but come with plenty of perks!

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We are passionate about helping people discover who God made them to be and equipping them to reach their potential. Our Internships provide a variety of specialized experiences for the university or seminary student to explore their calling and interest in church ministry. Typically experienced over summer breaks, these 8-week positions do provide a small stipend.

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