We are an authentic community intentionally moving together into what God has next.



Sundays @ 10:30am - Noon


Ashland University's Jack and Deb Miller Chapel
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Please feel free to dress as you normally do.

Wheelchair Accessible


Sunday School

  • Infant-Preschool — During Service @ Lower Chapel
  • Kindergarten-5th — During Service @ Lower Chapel

Childcare (Infant-Pre)

  • Sunday 9am @ Lower Chapel

Bimonthly Childcare (K-5)

  • 2nd & 4th Sunday 9am @ Lower Library

Who We Are

We're a tight-knit community of believers that meet in the heart of Ashland, Ohio. Our community is a patchwork of people from all ages and walks of life. Together, we aim to be a group of city-changers by moving into what God has next.


  • Dave Sherwood

    Dave Sherwood

    Lead Pastor
  • Miles Larson

    Miles Larson

    Associate Pastor
  • Greg Hall

    Greg Hall

    Associate Pastor
  • Billy Edgell

    Billy Edgell

    Youth Pastor
  • Christa Kalisz

    Christa Kalisz

    Children's Ministry Coordinator
  • Joe Antus

    Joe Antus

    Worship Pastor
  • Jon Nies

    Jon Nies

    Technical Coordinator

What we're about

Our Values


We are a messy, imperfect community. We welcome honest connections with God and one another.


We are abundantly blessed. We invest our time, money and talents—we are stewards, not owners.

Inspired Creativity

We live our lives as an act of worship. We embrace unconventional and personal responses to God.


Ashland will look different as we each discover our unique calling. Together we transform communities.

Courageous Faith

We are uniquely equipped to embrace transition. Life is constantly changing and God is faithful.

How We Measure

Community Life

  1. Commitment to a community group and/or discipling relationship
  2. Live authentically with a core group of people
  3. Participate in the hospitality vision of Five Stones
  4. Know, develop and use your spiritual gifts

Growing Life

  1. Cultivate a financially responsible lifestyle
  2. Increase exposure and knowledge of Scripture
  3. Pursue physical and emotional health
  4. Exhibit more fruit of the Spirit

Missional Life

  1. Write and revisit a personal mission statement
  2. Participate in your mission
  3. Know and share your Jesus story
  4. Engage with people who are not committed to a Christian community

Sacramental Life

  1. Active, regular engagement in worship
  2. Pray with and for others
  3. Increased awareness of Holy Spirit’s presence in our community
  4. Give tithe

Renewing Life

  1. Protect your Sabbath
  2. Explore the depth and variety of spiritual practices
  3. Cultivate a rhythm of rest and re-creation
  4. Prioritize the health of your significant relationships

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We'd love to hear from you. Have any questions or comments?