Write Your Own Psalm


1.Get your space ready

Get comfortable in a comfortable space and bring a notebook or journal along.

2.Get your heart ready

Pray. Ask God to speak to your heart and shape you through this experience.

3.Choose a Psalm to work with 

Pick a psalm to use as a model. Pay attention to both its length and content choosing one that matches your time frame and current life situation.

Here are some examples:

Psalm 3 – short. Facing hard times and asking for God’s involvement.

Psalm 6 – short. In the middle of sadness, looking for a sign of God’s presence.

Psalm 13 – short. Trying to find faith in the middle of loneliness and depression.

Psalm 19 – medium. Celebrating God and making confession.

Psalm 40 – long. Waiting for God and expressing faith in the time of waiting.

4.Read. Deeply read. Reflect.

Read through once getting the general feel of the psalm.

Read through again paying attention to who is speaking, what kind of person they are, who they are speaking to and what they are speaking about.

Finally, read through again listening to the writer and letting the words sink in.

5.Find your connection 

Where do you connect with what the writer is saying? Find the part of the psalm that connects with your own circumstances. This will be the starting point for your own psalm writing.


Use the model of the psalm you have chosen, taking it line by line and inserting your own words. You can even use the words of your model psalm if your own words don’t come easily. Just change them to make it personal.

7.Pray or sing your psalm

Once you’ve written it, pray or sing it out loud to God. You now have a personal tool to help you get what was stuck inside...out.

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